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About Us

Talking about Cryptocurrency, I have known it since early 2012, at that time Bitcoin & Bitcoin Mining still not popular like today, its very long journey till today, eventhough there are so many new cryptocurrency but there are no crypto could beat Bitcoin popularity, after thinking for several days at November 2018, I Decide to create this, here you will able find Cryptos List, Ranking, Mining related, Faucet, and High Risk Cryptos Investment, to complete this tasks I decide to use and adept some technologies and you will see it on below:

  • Very simple HTML & CSS
  • CMS? There are no such thing here, all pages will manually created.
  • Simple PHP for our Ranking List.
  • Alexa Ranking for all of our Ranking List.
  • Bitly will used to track our Affiliate Links.
  • Template from our other site, PS: This is a Secret.
  • Makejar Faucet PHP script.
  • CoinGecko Cryptos Widget.
  • Mirco Wallet APi for our Faucet Payment.
  • to fight your Ads Blocker Program. haha Sorry
  • Google Analytic to track your behaviour as long you are here.
  • MySQL Database for all our Website & ranking data for our List.(I Nearly Forgot this)

That's it, All of our technologies already listed, but maybe in future there are more technologies will be used for this site but I will listed it all here.

Our Bitcoin Faucet

Here Youy will able to fin our Bitcoin Faucet on this site, and everyone will able to claim it every hours and it will reward you some satoshi in exchange complete our Captcha Challange, What? Do you want to know why we Giving away Micro Bitcoin (satoshi)? We'll able to earn a little money from our advertising space but we often top up from our pocket money to cover up our Faucet reward, because today so many people disable their Cookies & Block the Ads. But, its Okey, we do not regret it. ^.^

After see what technologies we are using, you must know what features we are offers to you, unlike other Faucet List that only focus on Affilation, and Making little more money with Ugly Javascript, our Faucet List completely different, Our Faucet List does not contain any ugly javascript for faucet links, Less Affilation links, Sort by Faucet Alexa ranking, Sort by Alphabet, Premium Listing, simple & Clean, editted by Professional, and more features will added in future.

Cryptos Investment Platform Reviews Section, Blog, & HYIP Monitors

Since I have been started this site, I already have planned it all before hand from Faucet, Cryptos List and more, but later I have thought if i put another features for this site to complete information about cryptos so I decide to adding more section into this site, for example: Blog, Reviews, and Cryptos Investment Monitors (HYIP or High-Yield Investment Program) monitors, why? everyone loves to earn more income, but with normal job it would be hard to earn extra money with decent information about HYIP site the easier you will able to earn extra income. To write complete honest review about HYIP site, I will made a deposit into HYIP site and wait and withdraw my profits that i got from HYIP program I follow. After, withdraw the profits I will start to write review about the HYIP site and I will upload the proof complete with deposit and withdrawal screenshot or links.