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Cloud Bitcoin Remote Miner

Posted on 2nd May 2019 08:00:16 in Reviews

Cloud Bitcoin Miner is a remote BTC miner that able to work and earn you bitcoin without you need to think about mining equipments, electricity bill, maintenance bill, and place. To earn your bitcoin you have to download this Cloud Bitcoin Miner application into your smartphone.

What is Cloud Bitcoin Remote Miner?

What is Cloud Bitcoin Miner? Normally bitcoin mining you have to think about mining equipments, electricity bill, maintenance bill, and place for you to start mining activity, but it’s little different with Cloud Bitcoin Miner, Cloud Bitcoin Miner is a third party bitcoin mining provider services, with these services you will able start to mine your bitcoin even without own mining equipments or anything else necessary for it.

Bitcoin became the most popular and well-known among investors, because of it the Cloud Bitcoin Miner services become more booming because to mine bitcoin you have spend a lot of money for equipments, bills, and other things to make everything going well. With Cloud Bitcoin Miner, the miners will find convenience with Cloud Bitcoin Mining services because they will not have to think about it.


Within this Cloud Bitcoin Miner application you will able to find Tasks page which you will able to make more satoshi every time you clear the simple task, this tasks page very similar with offerswall that you will able to find it at most faucet sites.

Referral System

This application has referral system which offer quite high return which 9% for every income your referral make, all you need is make sure all your referral input you invitation code into their Cloud Bitcoin Miner application.


This is where you able to mine bitcoin without owning your own miner equipments, place, or bill, all you need is run this miner on your smartphone and all you need is rerun the miner every 5 hours, the mining rate depend on your mining plan you have.

Earn Free Bitcoin With Remote Cloud Bitcoin Miner

To start earn free bitcoin with this Remote Cloud Bitcoin Miner application, you have to download the application into your smartphone and run it by tab the play button in Miner Page, you wouldn’t need to register or create account to run this application.

After you run the application, the cloud miner would start to mine Bitcoin for you with certain amount for every minute start from 12 to 36 satoshi, to earn extra satoshi you could complete their tasks in their page, for every task complete you may able to earn 60 to 200 satoshi, and the last thing is find referral for your account by share your Invitation code to your friends or your social media pages.

Cloud Bitcoin Miner App Overview

The Remote Cloud Bitcoin Miner Application is have very simple appearance so I believe the users and you will have no hard time to run this apps, the pages and menus are neat and i found there are no hidden menus inside, within apps you will able settings page which you will able to upgrade your cloud mining plan, or personalized your advertising, or contact the apps developer.

The Apps will take a lot space on your smartphone memory, it’s only about 11MB which created at December 10, 2018, the apps current version is 4.0 and only able to on v4.0.3 above android powered smartphone and this apps created by Sirovaribuz. After testing the Apps I found it will not take your phone resources both your internet data or phone RAM, which you will able to see it on Images below.

Ram before using the apps

After the Cloud Bitcoin Miner

Ram after using the apps

Remote Cloud Bitcoin Miner Conclusion

There are nothing better than freebies, with this remote Cloud Bitcoin Miner you will able to mine bitcoin just with your smartphone, the Good thing is the miner able to work in background so you do not need to keep your phone active and to upgrade your miner plan you able to do it with bitcoin that you mined with your apps, While running this apps sometime there are some advertisements popping up or redirect you to other site but it still acceptable. Note: Some said this Cloud Bitcoin Miner not paying.


Suwandi Chen

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