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Posted on 16th Mar 2019 13:20:36 in Reviews Investment claimed that they has been on cryptos investment for 8 years ago, Kashking Ventures is a private company main business is on Electricity production, and currently they focus on Wind and Sun energy which more cheaper and cleaner, because of that they need large sum of money to make their line stay on track and decide to looking for Investors whom want to invest their money with daily returns to monthly investment plans. Investment Plans

Pros & Cons

For everything there are Pros and Cons, so here we will list all Pros and Cons that we think you should to know:


  • accepts deposit with some populars cryptos and money instrument.
  • Average profits return.
  • Simple & Clean Design and quite easy to navigate it.
  • HTTPS by CPanel, Anti-DDOs is on
  • Refferal Bonus for level 1 6%, 2% for Level 2.


  • The site loading is so slow while the Page Size is Big enough, its actually took me about 3.6 second to load it completely with Page Size 2.05MB.
  • Blank Investment plan is present.
  • It's took couple of hours to process my deposit.
  • Still Young and only run for 18 days.
  • Not Mobile Friendly.
  • No Live Link, TX ID, or anything on their Paid Out Page.
  • Support Email very slow and unprofessional.

With Many kind option to withdraw or made a deposit is very good thing, making it more simple to investors, while the support team is very unprofessional and I still got no reponse for my Email since 2 days ago regarding my Account that can't be access, the site is not mobile friendly yet so it will very hard for you to access the site from your smartphone. Is a Scam or Legit? is a Scam investment, why? because 2 days ago is actually my Payday from but i couldn't access my account till today, at first i thought i was type wrong security image after tried it for some hours I decide to sent an email to their support but still don't get anything till today. I have tried to reset my account password for 2 times but didn't receive any email yet. Last night, i tried to join their telegram with their Invite Link and they kick me out and Delete all my chat history in their group (maybe they afraid all my question chat read by their other investors). I Don't have a solid proof for my account detail, Investment that I Made because I couldn't access my account, but I believe this thing not happen to me only and I believe they will do the same thing to you when your Investment plan expires. So I encourage you guys to stay away from this Investment because I never encounter this kind Vicious and Black Hearted people, while the other investment scam you but not block you to access all their things.

I Welcome to have public talks with witnesses about my article with me, be it Forum related with Cryptos like or, Telegram, and I will not reply any email that random stray cats or dogs sent without Kashking Ventures official email.


Suwandi Chen

Being Webmaster since 2012, Has known Cryptos since it, started to write blog and reviews about cryptos investment since 2018, made a deposit to test it before write a review about it. Beside that Suwandi also run small Bitcoin Faucet and creating ranking List for Cryptos and update it everyday.


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