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Posted on 16th Mar 2019 14:00:17 in Reviews is a company that specialized on cryptocurrency investment and cryptos mining, with their investment platform their experts team able to generate mostful effective technical calculation and analysis for cryptos trading and mining in order make more profits from it, because of it open their arms for investors to invest their money and trust it into their financial management in return they will offer fixed 20% daily profits. HYIP Investment Plans

Pros & Cons HYIP

Here some list of Pros and Cons about that we found till now:


  • Investment cycle very fast only last for 24 hours.
  • Simple design ,looks elegant, easy to navigate and Mobile Friendly.
  • High daily return 20%.
  • HTTPS by CloudFlare and Anti-DDOS Protection.
  • Affilate available with very high bonus, 15%
  • Accept Bitcoin, Dash, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, Payeer, 4+ more.
  • Instant Withdrawal automaticly after 24hours.
  • Multi-Language: English, Russian, Spanish, and 5+ more.
  • Unique BTC Addresses for every Deposit. HYIP offers you very high fixed return profits and it about 20% for everyday and the profits and your capital investment will sent to your bitcoin wallet automaticly when your deposit reach end of plan time, while making deposit into not very hard because they accept 9 different cryptos and money instrument, each deposit will provided unique address and need 1 network confirmation for it, as We said the withdrawal will processed automaticly after your plans reach their end time so you will find no withdrawal page.

Their features not end with that, their site support popular multi language so its make the HYIP reachable and understandable beside that they offer you very high refferal bonus that was about 15% for every your refferal profits, Making more passive income.


  • Domain just created at 2019-01-22 and will expires at 2020-01-22
  • No Payout pages but there are 5 latest live transactions.
  • HYIP estabilished at 2019-01-29, and the business only run for 11 days
  • There are no plans except 20% for every 24 hours and need to re-deposit again.
  • Withdraw be done automaticly by system every 24 hours.
  • There are no Company Information or any certificate ID number.
  • There are no registration, only need to submit your Bitcoin Address to start.

The HYIP don't need to register your account to create your account you only need to submit your Bitcoin wallet address maybe this is the reason why they will process all withdrawal automaticly without any notice, and they also only pay you in Bitcoin no matter what did currency you use to deposit, you need to re-deposit again "IF you want to continue" your last deposit reach end of contract. You will find no paid out history page but in return they will provide you their 5 latest transaction and you will able to find it on their homepage, they site itself still very young and its put them into disadvantages because they are still very young and the Program only run for couple of days. deposit HYIP Deposits & Withdrawal History



  • They haven't paid me till today. HYIP Conclusion

Is HYIP is a Scam or Legit? is a scam, I have waiting for 3 days streak for their so called Automatic Payment, but I don't receive it till now. For you find this site, beware and stay away from this scam site.


Suwandi Chen

Being Webmaster since 2012, Has known Cryptos since it, started to write blog and reviews about cryptos investment since 2018, made a deposit to test it before write a review about it. Beside that Suwandi also run small Bitcoin Faucet and creating ranking List for Cryptos and update it everyday.


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