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Posted on 2nd May 2019 15:55:20 in Reviews is a Crypto Forex investment solution provides their clients with an opportunity to grow their investment in the secured safe environment and there are no complex materials and system. They claimed that high risk investments that could leave you counting your losses, and taking a great pride to provide a secure and profitable environment for their clients and investors.

RetrioFx HYIP Program Reviews

They have employed a team of foreign and crypto-traders that experienced in their field for years, and they have decades of experience and have earned millions of dollars in the Crypto and forex industry, they will make sure that their system will be simple, easy-to-use and proven winning strategy for all their investors.

Pros & Cons RetrioFx HYIP Program

Before you made any investment to this RetrioFx HYIP program it will much better if you read this beforehand:


  • Hourly-Lifetime Investment options are available.
  • Short investment and very high return options are available.
  • HTTPS by CloudFlare .Inc
  • Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Payeer, Dogecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash.
  • 10% profit for each referral.
  • Unique Deposit address for each deposit. has offered long and short investment options for their each investors which short investment start from 5% to 8% hourly return for lifetime and the long investment start from 190% to 220% profit return after 2 days, they accepts deposit from 9 different kind instrument and all of them are popular, as their referral system they have offered 10% profit for every profit that your referral made, You will able to choose what kind withdrawal payment will you receive.


  • Domain created at 2019-04-19 and will expires at 2020-04-19.
  • There are no payout page but 10 latest withdrawal at homepage.
  • Today is their first day on business.
  • Withdrawal will be done manually.
  • Company ID found nowhere as their claimed.

Its very hard to trust this because today is their first day and the domain just registered at 2019-04-19 and it will expires 11 month later, there are no payout history page except on 10 latest withdrawal at homepage and the withdrawal will be done after approved by Admin contrary to what they claimed, and the last thing is the Company ID found nowhere.

Withdrawal & Deposit RetrioFx HYIP Program



Suwandi Chen

Being Webmaster since 2012, Has known Cryptos since it, started to write blog and reviews about cryptos investment since 2018, made a deposit to test it before write a review about it. Beside that Suwandi also run small Bitcoin Faucet and creating ranking List for Cryptos and update it everyday.


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