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A Big Bitcoin Faucet List

Days after days Popularity of Bitcoin became more and more, especially for those who like to invest, For investors Bitcoin so popular because its very high-return, and you will able found successful Bitcoin owners everywhere, Social Media, Advertising Networks, or maybe your social circles.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a Digital Currency or Cryptocurrency, at 2009, A Group or A Man called Satoshi Nakamoto successful creating a new electronic that for transaction virtually, this system using Decentralized technology, When the system used, that System will symbolized with BTC or XBT as their code, and it will distributed with P2P networks that fortified by Cryptograph for security.

Why Use & Invest on Bitcoin?

After know some background of Bitcoin, there are some reasons why Bitcoin became so popular, the biggest factor is the biggest Global Economic Crisis at 1998s, many people thinks Bank and Financial Institutions only take a side with bigwigs, this is the important basis why IT experts began research and creating Digital Currency, also there are some reasons why you Should use Bitcoin:

  • No Fee: Everytime you use Bank services you will face so much fee that cut off your money little by a little, like administrative, transfer fee, tax, and the others, but not with Bitcoin, Bitcoin will not burden you with fee, if any, the value will never exceed more than 1% from your total transactions.
  • Inflation: Because Bitcoin created using Decentralized system, that mean no one, no country, no organization could control the bitcoin price, even some super power country vanish from the world within a night, the other is Bitcoin has very limited supply.
  • Transaction: Bitcoin transactios process is really fast, unlike Banking fund transfer that could take some time.
  • Globally: More people know and start using or accept transaction using Bitcoin, in some country you could find some Bitcoin ATMs too, so do not worry you are not alone.
  • Convenient: Bitcoin is very convenient, you do not have to worry bring so much cash with you, with Virtual Bitcoin wallet, Cold Bitcoin wallet, Smartphone Bitcoin Wallet you will easily deal it.
  • Secure: Bitcoin transaction is very secure, people will only able to access and track the transaction amount but not the owners, so you will feel safe, because no one could tell that you have a lot of Bitcoin on you.


Bitcoin (BTC) Faucet List

How to get Bitcoin

There are so many ways to get your hand Bitcoin, like directly purchase it, Exchange for it, earn it, and Join Bitcoin Faucet system, here we will only talk about get Bitcoin with Bitcoin Faucet, what is Bitcoin Faucet? Seriously again? We will not talk about it again and again, so you have to read this article to know about it: Bitcoin Faucet Article. Today, you able easily to find anykind Bitcoin Faucet so you do not to worry about it, but you will only find very little information regarding it.

Bitcoin Faucet List

What is Bitcoin Faucet List? Bitcoin Faucet List is a website list that specialize to collect and featured Bitcoin Faucet site, on the Bitcoin Faucet List you will able to find more information about the faucet site, such: Alexa Ranking, Ranking Sort, Premium Listing, and Alphabet Sorting.


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Bitcoin Faucet List Alexa Ranking
Faucet Crypto 34968
Coin Dice 41294
Claim BTC 43571
Free Bitcoin 45091
Daily Free Bits 50453
Queen Faucet BTC 51733
Bitcoins For Me 52985
Konstantinova 54782
Auto Faucet 59970
Big BTC 63176
Free Bitcoin 63750
Speedup Faucet 66479
Golden Faucet 67390
Fautsy 70499
Kickass Traffic 74053
iFaucet 79530
Star Bits 91549
Bagi Coin 95043
Coin Talk BTC 96434
Sato Host 102698
Wow Faucet 110387
Eldi Claim 109452
Bitsfly 111232