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A Big Ethereum Faucet List

Seeing Bitcoin very successfully more cryptocurrencies coming out and follow Bitcoin steps, today the biggest Crypto beside Bitcoin and rank 2 according to Market Cap is Ethereum (ETH), what is Ethereum? They claim that Ethereum is a Smart Apps or A Platform that run a Smart Contract by it own without any downtime, censorship, shady things or external problem, Someone called Vitatik Buterin is a prodigy that created this crypto at 2014 and now Ethereum rank only below Bitcoin & Ripple according to 1-1-2019 data, he said Etereum is a peer to peer networks, or you could tell Ethereum become the Super Computer itself, users could save their ether into special Wallet called MyEtherWallet and its way different with Bitcoin Wallet, the Ether Wallet is very user friendly.

A Short Story about Ethereum

Vitatik Buterin had dreamed to create a new digital currency that could run like Bitcoin as Currency but its has a new fature called Smart COntract that used to determine when will the invoice paid automatically, but because this Project could not applied on Bitcoin, then later at 2014 Buterin officially created Ethereum to achieve his dream, and today, Ethereum known as Pioneer ICOs era (Initial Coin Offering), and this make users can accept Ethereum and later more users use the Ethereum.

What Differences Between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

For some reasons people thinks Ethereum and Bitcoin have same product with different tag name, but this is wrong, both of them are completely different, Unlike Bitcoin that only used as Digital Money, Ethereum not only able to processing the transaction, but its could applied into very complex contract, flexible and considered perfect for Blockchain apps, other than that, Bitcoin only able to save Fund information of transaction, while Ethereum could save more data and information, and these data and information could be access with computer aplications that use Ethereum Blockchain, those apps created with Decentralized system and called as Dapps, that mean all developers in the world could build and run decentralized aplication on Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethereum purpose is to fix traditional world financial system, private information safe, and transparency blockchain transaction, and the last thing is Supply of Goods, Bitcoin only has 21M supply, while Ethereum has no limit of supply, its mean Ethereum much vulnerable to inflation than Bitcoin that has limited supply.


Ethereum (ETH) Faucet List

How to get Ethereum?

There many ways to Rome, to get your hand Ethereum there are so many ways, Purchase it, Mine it, Exchange it, Doing a Job for Ethereum or Joining Ethereum Faucet System, Unfortunately, here you will only found all about Ethereum Faucet, and put anything else not related with it aside, Ethereum Faucets are very same thing like Bitcoin Faucet, the only different between them only the prize amount.

Ethereum Faucet List

What is Ethereum Faucet List? Ethereum Faucet List is a website list that specialize to collect and featured Ethereum Faucet site, on the Ethereum Faucet List you will easily to find out each Faucet site ranking.


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Ethereum Faucet List Alexa Ranking
100 Count ETH 451999
8raa Ethereum 997770
Aditif 335721
Alina Faucet ETH 410606
All Coins 30315
Auto Bitco 193982
Auto Claim 143236
Auto Faucet 59688
Best Faucet ETH 1277930
Bitcoin S Ethereum 1291046
BTC Easy Money 4331045
Catch Coin 1510617
Claim Coin 24 470133
Claim Coins ETH 297070
Claim ETH Free 2711872
Claim U Like 561766
Coin Gratisan 198085
Coin Talk 140218
Crypto Base ETH 126595
Crypto Coins 4 U 607265
Dutchy Corp 60362
ETH Auto Claim 183660
ETH Faucet 295684