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Jan - 04 - 2019 - Hi, After spending so much time spending time on doing research and using the product of investment, i decide to write review about it, is an International Company that managed by group Forex and Cryptos traders, it said they will providing stable income for all your efforts and trust from any plans investment that you choose, and provide you transparecy data, They said any investment you made will used to fund their Financial and Money management, and I believe they will use our fund to funding their trading account, and they will return Investors money according to the Investment Plan that you choose. Investment Plans

Pros & Cons

For everything there are Pros and Cons, so here we will list all Pros and Cons that we think you should to know:


  • They Accept 5 Kinds Money Instruments, Which: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Adv Cash. This will make Investors easily to make Deposit or Withdraw.
  • Their Invest Plans are very Profitable, it could make your money many times within couple of days.
  • Clean Design, easy to navigate, and not hard to access the site with your Smartphone.
  • HTTPS by COmodo, Anti-DDOs, and Run for more than 600 days.
  • Refferal Bonus upto 10%.


  • The site loading is so slow & too big, its actually took me about 6.3 second to load it completely with Page Size 2.99MB.
  • There are so many people said is Scammer.
  • It's took 4-6 hours for my Deposit to be confirmed by team, This not match with their claims about Professional Team.
  • Rate Us Page is Empty while the Rate Us Link is alive, We Do not know why.
  • They Investment Plans is too profitable, and it make look suspicious.
  • No Unique Bitcoin Address for each account like the other, and it might the reason why they took so long to confirm my deposit, Here the Deposit Link
  • No Live Link, TX ID, or anything on their Paid Out Page. Deposit

For Investors like me, it was so good to have more choice money instruments to make deposits or withdraw, Because No Unique Bitcoin address for every Investor Account (In my Case), the deposit confirmation took so long about 4-6 hours (I Do Not remember exactly), while the site loading and size are too long for clean, simple and neat design but still easy to navigate it from your smartphone. offers upto 10% for every refferal sent to their site using your Refferal Link or banner its very good for you to make Extra income with your refferal link. Is a Scam Pending withdraw

I Believe is a Scam, why? There is a reason for that, after I made a deposit last night and have receive the amount i suspose to be, when I tried to withdraw it, I could not input or update my bitcoin address or anything else beside password in my account profile settings, So how suspose I Withdraw my Income?? Beside that, My withdrawal fund (06 Jan 2019) still pending till today but the withddrawal for Jan 8 already processed, do you believe that? take a look on Paid out page, after emailing the support team, I got their reply and here is it email reply FAQ page

But I didn't see thing like they said on their FAQ page, so its mean possible only want to receive the money but does not have any intention to pay anyone, so for you just found this site, beware and stay away from this site. If you find this article so wrong, please do contact me with our contact form, and please use official email talk to me, I do not talk to random cats or dogs without any proof.


Suwandi Chen

Being Webmaster since 2012, Has known Cryptos since it, started to write blog and reviews about cryptos investment since 2018, made a deposit to test it before write a review about it. Beside that Suwandi also run small Bitcoin Faucet and creating ranking List for Cryptos and update it everyday.


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