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Jan - 11 - 2019, After looking Investment site for me to review i have found this site which, who are they? is a company works on trading the cryptocurrency, exchanges it to make profits with their special system, they said to make income more higher they required to access more fund, which they start to offer Investment plans for whom want to make long term profits and because of that start to collect investors fund into their pool which much thousands times greater than their own Company capital fund. Investment Plans

Pros & Cons

For everything there are Pros and Cons, so here we will list all Pros and Cons that we think you should to know:


  • There are more than 6 kinds Money instrument can be used to made a Deposit at
  • They offer so much Profits for each Investment Plans.
  • Clean Design, Easy to Navigate, Mobile Ready.
  • HTTPS by COmodo, Anti-DDOs, and Run for more than 600 days.
  • Refferal Bonus start from 3% to 10%.


  • The site loading is so slow while the Page Size is Big enougj, its actually took me about 2.9 second to load it completely with Page Size 1.90MB.
  • VIP plan offers 600% every Minute seem not reliable and suspicious.
  • It's took couple of hours to process my deposit.
  • Still Young and only run for 37 days.
  • Call only available for VIP plan taker.
  • There are no Unique Bitcoin Address to deposit for each members
  • No Live Link, TX ID, or anything on their Paid Out Page. Deposit

Making more money within a very short time is a good choice and great plan for investor like me, let a long more options for Deposit and withdraw is very good thing, the site is accessable with Smartphone with clean design and easy to navigate will let users having great experiences, users also could make more income by using their High paying referral system which upto 10%. Is a Scam or Legit? Pending withdraw

I decide to label is a scam, why? There is a reason for that, after I made a deposit at 9th Jan 2019 and my Investment plan expires on 10th Jan, i tried to withdraw all of my Fund but still pending till today, you could see all part of the site claimed the Withdrawal will be done instantly but its not on the reality, while on their Paid out you could see Withdrawal 11th Jan already processed, so do you believe and expecting that will pay you?


Suwandi Chen

Being Webmaster since 2012, Has known Cryptos since it, started to write blog and reviews about cryptos investment since 2018, made a deposit to test it before write a review about it. Beside that Suwandi also run small Bitcoin Faucet and creating ranking List for Cryptos and update it everyday.


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