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Our Terms & Services builded with sweat and tears, so please read our terms and services carefully to avoid any mistake in future, there are 2 things will covered by our terms or services, which Bitcoin Faucet & Content Distribution:

Bitcoin Faucet

  • You Only able to claim our Bitcoin faucet every 60 minutes,
  • You only able to claim our Bitcoin Faucet for 20 times/day.
  • Self Referring is prohabited.
  • You are not allowed to use anykind VPS or VPN.
  • Bots are strictly prohabited.
  • No Captcha solver allowed.

If you break any Bitcoin Faucet Rules, comment section or anything else, we will ban your ISP's IP and Wallet address, but if you feel didn't do anything against our rules, feel free to contact us.

Content Distribution

For All content inside, you allowed to distributed it as long links, content, and propery remain intact and you have to notice us using our contact form before use it or else we will do anything to take your site down.

Comment Section

We do have Comment Section in our every blog that we posted, so please do not comment something not related with the article or content niche, or promoting your website URL that not relevant with the content main idea, please comment something useful for everyone and we will very grateful with it.

Review Section

In Reviews section you will found articles review about cryptos Investment companies or websites, everything inside will be our real experiences about the site.